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FAQs & Best Practices

Examples of Event Names

Our users are very creative and talented in naming the events. 

Restos with my Bestos
Gentlemen’s Dining Night (*wink)
Tonight, we dine in hell (or you choose better!)
We said we’d meet once a week, liars!
Rachel is paying for dinner… let’s plan when/where.
Break a Peg


And others are easy and simple

Last dinner with Eli
HEC friends dinner
I miss you gals, let’s dine soon.

Why is there a limit of 3 date/time options?

The more options you give to your friends, the less likely you are to meet them. We’ve seen it.

Three is a good number of options. We have limited the options to 3 so that your friends do not get confused with more options. However, you can always edit options and include another date and time that fits better in your schedule.

Can I choose 2 different time on the same day?

Yes, you can.

Simply tap the same date again and choose a different time. So if you want to meet your friends on Saturday, you can give options to meet for lunch or dinner on Saturday.

That way, you will know what time your friends prefer to meet on Saturday.