Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Orgaknife!

We created this getting started guide to help you learn the basics of Orgaknife and get started in a minute.

Meeting friends doesn’t have to be unplanned, chaotic or stressful. We’re glad you found Orgaknife and this guide will ensure that you stay on top of everything you need to making plans.

Let’s go!

Download Orgaknife App

Though we assume that you’ve downloaded the app on App Store but if you haven’t, that’s the first step.

Download Orgaknife from App Store

Create an event

You can create an event from the “Events” page which is also the main page of the app.

To create an event, just click  + icon on top right corner of the events page.

Another way to create an event is to search for a restaurant, click on + icon next to the restaurant.

And then when a bar appears from the bottom, click “Create a new event” rather than choosing an existing one.

Read more here: Create events

Invite friends

Anyone can invite friends and other participants to an event by either clicking on + icon in the Participants tab or by simply sending  them the invite link from the creator.

Add Restaurants

Orgaknife recommends up to 5 restaurants for your group event that you can directly add by clicking on + icon next to the restaurants.

You can also visit restaurants page from the side menu and filter a restaurant based on the location, restaurant type or name. Add a restaurant by clicking + icon and then choose the right event.

We encourage you to have a look at our collections of restaurants in your city to get inspiration for your next meal. Looking for vegetarian meal or just want to have a beer in a nice bar? Want to eat healthy or want a restaurant with a view? Check out more in our collections.

Read more here: discovering restaurants on Orgaknife.

Voting on Time & Restaurant

The easy way to find a common time and restaurant to meet is to take polls on them. To vote for a date, just click on the circle around the date. A green circle around the date indicates that your vote has been registered. The smaller red circle indicates how many people have voted for that option and are available to meet on that date.

To vote for a restaurant, click on the circle indicating a number (usually starts from 0). When the circle turns green, it indicates that your vote has been registered. The number inside the circle indicates the number of votes for that restaurant.

Action Bars

Action bars are one of the key features of Orgaknife app that reduces follow-ups within the group and lets everyone be aware of the next steps. They are quite useful in guiding the users to plan an event in an easy way.

If there is no restaurant added in your event, action bar will let you know so. If you haven’t voted yet, you will see a “Vote now” action bar and you know vote on your favourite restaurant or available time options to help the event planning move forward.


While planning an event, you may need to discuss details of the plan with your friends. Orgaknife created the messaging functionality to let you talk to your friends without leaving the app. You can share pictures or links to a specific group in messages section.

Restaurant Details

Click on a restaurant card to read user reviews, see photos of the restaurant, address and more. You can book a table by directly speaking with a restaurant using the call button.

Time to Reach

One of the most important criteria to choose a restaurant is the time to reach there. With Orgaknife, you can view the time to reach a restaurant by visiting the restaurant page.

On the day of the event, you can just tap on to the Time to Reach button. It will open up Google maps with the directions to the restaurant. If you need to change the mode of transportation, you can do that to find the best way to get there.

Re-plan an event

If you wish to meet the same group of friends again, just click on Re-plan button in the events list. Add new dates and click ‘Done’. Automatic notification will be send to everyone in the group about the new event so that you don’t need to invite them or message them again.


All the restaurants added in the previous event will still be there in the new event. That way, you can keep on suggesting new restaurants to your friends and keep exploring new restaurants with them.

Tips for getting started

  • Create an event and send the event link to only people you want to invite. Anyone with the event link can join your event.
  • To remove a participant from the event, the creator can manually remove from the event page itself.
  • Bookmark your favourite restaurants to add them later in any new event.
  • Use Re-plan if you wish to meet the same group of friends again sometimes soon.
  • Click on “Time to Reach” button from the restaurant page to make a decision on how far a restaurant is from your location