Orgaknife’s online calendar is a quick and powerful tool to organize events with your friends or colleagues. Suggest upto three dates and times options, invite as many friends or colleagues as you want and start planning your event.

Once the participants join your event, they can also suggest restaurants that they like to the whole group. While making a plan, we often rely on our friends’ suggestions for a place to eat or drink. Orgaknife makes it easier for anyone to suggest restaurants to the group. Others can simply vote on the options.

You can add events to your preferred calendar once they are closed. This ensures that you never forget about your meeting with friends. We are working on the feature to automatically sync closed events directly to your calendar. No more manual work!

Online Calendar – Selecting date and time options

Orgaknife’s online calendar has a simple and clean design which allows you to easily pick up dates and time options while creating an event.

While creating an event, the calendar shows only the future dates. So you don’t have to worry about mistakenly selecting a past date. However, if you want to see the past events to re-plan an event, you can do so in the main page by scrolling down.

Once you have selected the date from the calendar, next step is to pick a time. To keep it easy, you can pick a time from one of five suggestive time options for breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks, or dinner. We have divided the day in five options which are most popular options for our users.

We’ve found that often, the meeting time with friends change by 30 mins to 1 hour on the last day of the meeting. So we decided to add five options to broadly cover the suggestive time to meet. This way, you don’t have to be stress about selecting the right time while creating the event when you are not even sure which day you’d meet.

If you want to select a time other than the five suggestive options, you can click on “More time options”. You can select a specific hour and minute, but we recommend this only if you already know everyone’s availability.

We allow a maximum three time options to ensure better planning. Usually, the event planning has higher chances of success with 2-3 options than 4 or more. If the group wants to change the time, they can let the creator know. It can be changed by clicking edit icon next to the Availability section.

Online Calendar – Sync with Google/Apple calendar

Stay updated with your events and meetings on Orgaknife by adding the events to your preferred calendar. After the creator closes the event, it can be added to Google or iOS calendar by clicking “Add to Calendar” on the action bar.

Once the event is saved in your calendar, you can see the event title, time, location and a link to the event link. If you need to look for more information, you can click on the event link. This will take you to the event page in the app.

We are working on a new feature to sync your Orgaknife calendar with Google calendar. This will allow all the closed events are automatically updated on Google Calender.