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  • Increased Bookings

    Get more bookings when people plan their meals with friends in your restaurants.

  • Low Cancellations

    Due to event planning in advance, there is no last-minute surprise cancellation.

  • Improved Ratings

    Know customers' preferences and serve them right leading to improved ratings.

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Orgaknife Restaurants - FAQs

How does Orgaknife help restaurants?

Orgaknife Restaurants enjoy certain benefits which leads to:

  • Increased bookings
  • Low Cancellations
  • Improved Ranking

Our users use Orgaknife to plan their events (i.e. restaurant visits) well in advance with their friends. As a last step of their plan, we ensure that they make the booking for their chosen restaurant in just one click. This leads to increased booking for you.

Because the events are planned by everyone in the group, there are no last-minute surprises and our users are more committed in their restaurant reservations and bookings.

We take meal and restaurant preferences of users into account to suggest them the restaurants. Also, we let our restaurant know of our users’ food preferences so that they can serve them well. A happy customer always leaves a good review or ratings.

How much fees do you charge for table booking?

Orgaknife charges a fee of €99 per month as table booking charges after a 3-month free trial period.

An average restaurant spends €3 to get one new customer. At this price, our platform pays for itself with one customer a day i.e. even if we send only one group (2-3 people) to your restaurant, you will make profit out of it everyday.

And it’s free for first 3 months!

How can we get started?

Just sign up with the form on the top of this page and we will contact you with onboarding process and further information.