Restaurant Finder – How to use Orgaknife to discover the best places to eat?


Orgaknife is a unique restaurant finder app that lets you discover great places to eat nearby and suggests bars and restaurants to go with your friends.

We created Orgaknife to help people plan their evenings, meals or meetings with friends, colleagues of business contacts in an easy way. With your busy work schedules, you have less time to plan and decide when and where to meet your friends. Especially with hundreds of choices of restaurants, cuisines, bars, cafés, etc., choosing a place is even more difficult. Orgaknife makes it easier for you do all that.

While most of our users use Orgaknife to plan meetings and events with their friends and colleagues but they love the simplicity of choosing restaurants thanks to our restaurant recommendations. This allows them to discover and try new restaurants which they didn’t know before.

How to add a restaurant to your event?

First step is to create an event on Orgaknife and invite your friends to join the event. Once they join, anyone can add restaurants to the event and not just the event creator.

When we make plans with friends on chat or offline, usually the restaurant suggestions come from different people. We tried to simulate the same and allowed anyone to add restaurants so that others can vote and decide which restaurant to go to.

There are three ways in which you can add restaurants in Orgaknife app:

  1. By search
  2. From collections
  3. From event’s recommendations

Adding a restaurant by search

If you already know the restaurant you want to add, you can go to the Restaurant page in the menu.

Type the name of the restaurant in the search bar directly and add the restaurant to the event. If you want to search the restaurants based on food or cuisine type that you want to eat like Pizza, Bars, Beers, Chinese, French, chicken, etc., you can enter that in the search bar too. Scroll through the options of restaurants we have found for you and add them to the event.

To add a restaurant to the event, press “+” icon on the right of the restaurant that you like. You will be asked to choose the event to which you want to add this restaurant. Once you have chosen the event, the restaurant will be added to it.

Adding a restaurant from collections

If you are short of ideas of places to visit or you just don’t know what kind of food you should try next, check out our collections of various food types, restaurant concepts to inspire you.

Want to visit a restaurant with the view of Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or perhaps you want to eat in a Vegetarian restaurant? Or maybe your vegan friend from New York just arrived and you want to quickly suggest her some restaurants.

We’ve got you covered!

Just head over to Collections and find ideas to inspire your next meal with friends. Add restaurants to the event by clicking on the “+” icon and choosing the event.

Update: As of March 2018, we have compiled collections for London and Paris. More cities coming soon.

Adding a restaurant from event’s recommendations

The quickest way to add restaurants to an event is to look at the restaurants recommended in the event itself. Our unique restaurant recommendation algorithm suggests restaurants based on the participants in a group and their preferences.

For example, if you like to meet school friends for drinks, our restaurant finder algorithm will suggest amazing bars in your city. If there is a vegetarian friend in your group, we can recommend places they will be happy to eat at.

Adding restaurants to your event from the recommendations is so easy that you don’t need to even think about where to go! You just press “+” and that’s it! You have a plan with friends in a matter of minutes, instead of spending hours trying to filter out places according to your taste and preferences.

How many times has it happened that you suggested an Italian restaurant and your friend wanted to eat Japanese food. Or your friends couldn’t agree to one place which ruins the whole plan?

Restaurant details

At any time if you like a restaurant and want to find out more details about the restaurant, you can tap on it. You can see more details like closing hours, consumer reviews, time to reach the restaurant and more photos of the restaurant. This can help you make a decision whether you want to suggest this restaurant or not.

An important criteria to visit a restaurant is how much time it would take to reach there. You might not prefer to visit friends 1 hour away at 10pm and have an 8am meeting the next morning. On Orgaknife, you can view the “Time to Reach” a place on the restaurant page itself.

Wanna know a little secret?

Click on the “Time to Reach” button to open google maps. Change your transportation options to see if it is shorter to reach by car instead of metro.

What if I don’t want to create events on Orgaknife?

Don’t worry! You can still search for restaurants, check out their details and view our collections of restaurant to discover places to eat for yourself.

You don’t need to create an event to discover restaurants. Heck, you don’t even need to be registered with our app to search or view the restaurants and browse the collections of restaurants.

But if you are interested, read here to know how to create events.

What if I want to remove a restaurant from the event?

If you added a restaurant to an event by mistake, ask the event creator in event chat to remove the restaurant. Only the creator can remove a restaurant from an event.


Orgaknife is a beta, restaurant finder app for iOS devices where you can make plans with friends and colleagues and discover amazing restaurants to visit in your city or during your travels.

If you want to try the app, just send us an email on and we will be happy to share it with you.