How to stay organized while planning to meet friends?

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and you are trying to make a plan with friends on your favourite messaging app: WhatsApp

– Paul wants to meet on Saturday for dinner but Marie is only available on Sunday.

– Jane says she’s available on both days but wants to try a newly opened vegan restaurant which is not very far from her place. She sends the link on the group chat.

– Samantha wants to meet somewhere in the city centre so that it is easy for everyone. The vegan restaurant is out of option for her as it’s too far and she just sent 2 other options. She prefers Saturday dinner but if everyone wants to meet on Sunday, she will try to make it. She can’t promise. Hmm… like it’s not confusing enough yet.

– You prefer to meet on Sunday so that Marie could come. But what about Paul? Argg… it’s so confusing. You don’t want to say anything. Instead, you share a link to a Thai restaurant that you’d like to visit.

– Marie has already been to the Thai restaurant and found it great so she doesn’t mind going there again. She likes one of the restaurants suggested by Samantha too – the one with the weird name!

– Jane also finds the same restaurant by Samantha interesting, but she prefers the Vegan restaurant. Nobody replies.

– Like always, Peter bothers not to take part in the whole conversation.

The next day, you ask Peter if he wants to come or not. He finally replies after an hour. “Both days good for me… anywhere, anytime!”

You wonder why you even asked him. But at least you know he’s fine with all the options.

After 2 days of figuring out when and where to meet, the group has gone silent as nobody wants to take a decision! You don’t like that. A few hours later, Jane asks, “Hey, what about the vegan place that I suggested? Did you guys even check that? Please reply everyone.”

Oops, you didn’t! You can’t even find that link which is lost somewhere in the endless discussion when Samantha and Marie couldn’t decide whether to meet on Saturday or Sunday!

Or was it Jane and Paul? Paul and Marie? … Anyway, the link must be 15-20 scrolls up.

Thankfully, Paul asked Jane to send the link over again as he couldn’t find it. Jane is obviously upset but sends the link nevertheless.

Ok, so now you have about 4 (or maybe 6?) restaurant options to choose from but you nobody knows when you are meeting.

On Friday, Paul agrees to meet on Sunday and everyone’s ok. You go through another long round of discussions about the restaurant to choose because you are confused who wants to go where.

Finally, you meet everyone for lunch on Sunday in the Thai restaurant. Jane realized that she was pushing the Vegan place too hard and apologized. Peter is much more fun to hang out with than he’s on the chat group. Samantha just got a new job and is happy. It’s been long that you had seen Marie so that’s good. And Paul introduced his new girlfriend to everyone.

Wow! It was fun to meet friends …much more than organizing it over Whatsapp. Phew!

Stay Organized with Orgaknife

Introducing Orgaknife – an app to plan your lunch or dinner with friends in an easy and more organized way.

  1. Keep links to bars and restaurants in one place: No more searching for restaurant links throughout the chat history.
  2. Quick polling on dates and restaurants: Just tap on the options to say whether you like it or not and choose the place where most want to go. It’s a democracy after all!
  3. Separate chat page to discuss other things: Keep discussing why you prefer one restaurant over other in a separate discussion page.
  4. Keep track of all of your meetings with friends or colleagues: Plan events with as many friends and groups as you like, without any hassle.
  5. Scheduling made easy: We’ll remind you if you haven’t participated in a poll or that you have an event in a few hours.
  6. Discover bars and restaurants: You don’t have to go to another app to find restaurants and share links. Search for places to visit in the Orgaknife app and just add them to your plan.

Orgaknife helps you to stay organized and plan events with your friends in an easy way.