Orgaknife – Restaurant Planning & Voting App

Orgaknife is an online voting app that allows you to quickly make plans to eat out with your friends and colleagues. Available in iOS (and soon in Android), Orgaknife is easy to use to find the right time and restaurant to visit with friends.

One of the biggest challenges in making plans with friends is that everyone is busy and not available all the time. In addition, all of your friends have different taste and preferences when it comes to food, cuisine and restaurants.

Both these factors combines can make it quite complicated to plan an evening out with friends. If you are like most people, you are planning these meetings with friends on tools like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Some of you might be using plain, old emails. (Seriously?)

Problems with chat tools

Chat tools like Whatsapp or Messenger are good for general discussions with friends, sharing personal photos or emojis. But when it comes to planning an event with friends, they seem like an ancient tool.

To plan an event, you need to gather availability and opinions of the whole group quickly and in an objective way. You shouldn’t be keeping a mental count of who’s available for Sunday brunch and who wants to have dinner on Saturday. Or who wants to try the Thai food or who is vegetarian in the app


However, when you plan something with friends on these chat tools, you have to do all that by yourself. The discussions can be long and frustrating. There is no objectivity to it too.

Finally, when it comes to deciding a place to eat, you get suggestions from a few friends. It doesn’t take much time for the restaurant link that they share on the chat to get lost in the discussion. And you have to keep scrolling up to find it again.

After 2 days, you just have to search for the restaurants’ names by yourself or ask the friend to send the link again.

Voting App – Orgaknife

With Orgaknife, we bring objectivity and more control over the event planning. Everyone gets heard through their votes and the process is quick and easy.

You create an event, invite friends and suggest them options for time and restaurants. Others can suggest restaurants too. And once the suggestions are made, everyone can vote on their preferred choice.

Once you have all the votes in, simply pick the options with the highest votes and the plan is finished. Surely, we understand that sometimes, you can’t just be so objective to planning with friends. You can also finalize the less preferred date or restaurant which is more suitable for the type of occasion.

Orgaknife voting app gives the power to easily plan an event without any bad blood in the chat groups. Orgaknife app provides a separate discussion platform to each event. Here, the participants can discuss their plans in more details and subjectivity.


Orgaknife’s discussion feature allows you to chat with the participants which enhances the functionality of our voting app. Ask the creator to change the dates options in the poll, tell something extra about a particular restaurant that you want people to vote for or anything else related to the event.

Voting app Orgaknife is a powerful tool to make plans with friends and colleagues. It allows everyone to contribute a little to the planning process and discover new restaurants that their friends suggested.